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#TodayWeLearn #LBGV

TreesROI™ CEO, Marie Ambusk, presented our 2022 milestone success and forward-looking vision at The Landscape Below Ground V (LBG) conference hosted at the Morton Arboretum near Chicago. This was only the fifth of these legendary LBG symposiums since 1993 - trees grow slowly and research takes time. Tree root development experts from 9 countries (5 continents!) presented their fascinating findings and together discussed the Landscape Below Ground Vision for the next 20 years.

Marie shared the first-ever image reconstruction of container-grown tree roots with our 3D GPR Tree-CT system - the innovation we call INSIGHT™. We are #grateful for the opportunity to publish our research in the collection of proceedings from this esteemed community of researchers.

Our system leverages #geophysics with #GroundPenetratingRadar (GPR), paired with cutting-edge software analytics. Underpinning strategies of this ongoing R&D project include:

- Assess and grade containerized tree root quality above-ground

- Determine serious problems and offer correction strategies

- Predict future outcomes for the tree’s cost/benefit value

With INSIGHT™ we can, and we must #GrowBetterTrees.

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