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Artist turns tree rings into music

"Notes dribble in, staccato, from the higher octaves of a piano. What comes after them is a chord – slightly discordant, but full, with a touch of melancholy. The chord breaks apart with a flurry of arpeggios, before a lone note brings it all to a momentary halt. There’s no telling what the next few seconds will bring, whether a disparate and scattered set of notes will play, or another subtly dissonant chord.

The music may sound like the work of an avant-garde pianist, a piece composer John Cage would be proud of. But behind the track, titled Alnus (Alder), is a tree. An alder tree.

It is the tree's growth rings – those that denote its age and the climate conditions in which it grew – that compose the music. And hearing it is all made possible by a record player created by German artist Bartholomaus Traubeck."

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