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It's a Jarlath day!

It was cold in Vermont today … 8f, light snow, cloudy, and still.


As I approached the Ira Allen Chapel at the University of Vermont, I noticed Jarlath’s bicycle parked at the entrance …  a common sight as his mode of transportation, yet bittersweet today. Many people said, as though in a CHEERS, "It's a Jarlath day!"

Today, we gathered to honor Jarlath. His big heart reached its capacity much too soon, and our collective hearts are broken.


We mourned deeply.

We celebrated his life fiercely.

We cherished each of the touching, funny, and phenomenal stories told by his brave family, friends, and colleagues.

Jarlath was a natural leader, a brilliant scientist, a great dad, and friend, and so much more.

He seemed to have never-ending levels of grit, empathy, humility, energy, and kindness, woven together by threads of curiosity and sincerity. It was easy to be drawn into his orbit, no matter how much or little you knew him.


For Jarlath, in his memory, let us always think about how we can be better for each other. Rest in peace, Jarlath Patrick MacBeth O’Neil-Dunne, your inspiration will continue. 


Join us to honor Jarlath with a gift to the Jarlath O’Neil-Dunne Memorial Fund, which will be used to support the things at UVM that Jarlath held so dear, such as the Spatial Analysis Lab and the students, faculty, and staff of the lab who will carry on his legacy of service, research, and scholarship.

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