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If TIME could stand still

... it would happen between dusk at year’s end, and dawn at the New Year!

If there is not too much champagne involved, you can notice the intersection of TIME – the transition from what was to what could be, or what might be, or “what will be will be”…

I’m sharing a great blog post from one of my favorite authors that will make you smile out loud, and if you are a science geek, you’ll appreciate his research.


If you are short on TIME, scroll to the summary points, but be sure to read the full post later.

My takeaway notes – thank you, Eric:

-       MVE = Minimum Viable Effort. Make the goal so small it’s easy and you have no reasonable excuse not to act on it.

-       Manipulate your environment to make what you should do easy and what you shouldn’t do hard. This puts your impulsiveness at odds with your laziness.

-       Give $100 to a trusted friend. If you stick to your resolution, you get your money back. Fail, and that money gets donated to the opposing political party’s reelection fund. BINGO. Motivation.


Cheers to New Beginnings - 2024!

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