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About us

Millions of trees are planted in our communities in a condition that prevents them from growing into mature, benefit-providing assets for tree owners and the environment.  NURSERIES are at the ROOT OF THE PROBLEM!

Nursery customers, from large municipalities, to developers, to your back yard, are victims of an unintended consequence – a result from growing trees in containers!  These customers invest precious time, care, water, and money in these plants that FAIL, due to substandard root systems that could have been identified by using our product.


TREES ROI is an early stage startup in VT, with affiliates in CO, CA and NJ.  Our concept is focused on developing a system and methodology to assess the root structure of container grown trees using the non-invasive technology of Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), with cutting-edge computational math, AI and other fields of science to empower our innovation.


Our produce will provide 3D visualization of the root system of the trees.  It will quickly, accurately and affordably locate root defects deep inside the root ball; where they are out of sight, overlooked and potentially most harmful for the tree.  It will also provide advice for correction of the root system or to reject the tree.  This product and service will provide a methodology to support industry guidance for tree root specifications and will benefit the Green Industry as a process improvement tool from the earliest stages of production up to the day the tree is planted in the ground.


...we can and we must …

Grow Better Trees

It's time to end the
of container grown trees.
It's time to
Grow Better Trees.

Co-Founders Marie V. Ambusk and Gordon Mann

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