Marie V. Ambusk

CEO | Co-Founder

Marie has been a leader for the stewardship of urban trees through her volunteerism in Vermont since 2006.  Upon retirement in 2011 from GE Healthcare and a 40-year career in Finance/Controllership IT, her work has been devoted to finding a way to Grow Better Trees.

Gordon Mann


Owner at Mann Made Resources, Consulting Arborist, Certified Arborist and Municipal Specialist and Certified Urban Forester.  Gordon is a respected industry leader with strong connection in the fields of consulting arborists, municipalities, growers, retail and regulatory agencies.  His vast experience and industry knowledge will guide the development of a meaningful product and service to benefit the urban forestry industry.

Dr. John R. Cary


A scientist, researcher, CEO at Tech-X Corporation and Professor of Physics at the University of Colorado, he has over 170 referred publications in electromagnetics, other areas of Physics and Computer Science and is highly respected in this field. 

John has been a key member of our team since 2013.  His insightful leadership, vast experience at Tech-X in managing such projects and dedication to advances in science and engineering, will help guide us to a successful outcome. 

Dr. Jason Grabosky


Professor, Urban Forestry; Dept. Ecology Evolution and Natural Resources, teaches classes in tree care and urban forestry at Rutgers University, Jason is recognized worldwide for his research with modified soil that enhances root growth in urban environments.  His research focuses on tree-pavement design and management issues.  His contribution to soil design research has become an industry standard for growing healthy trees.

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